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An agent group, also known as automatic call distribution, is a system that routes incoming calls to a specific group of agents. Before connecting to an agent, callers are placed inside a queue, allowing agents to deal with incoming calls without losing other callers to busy signals or unanswered phones. While waiting, callers hear music and pre-recorded announcements. Agent groups can be monitored using a number of monitoring methods.

A caller reaches an agent group in one of two ways: either by calling the agent group directly or by calling a company’s auto attendant. When agent groups branch off the auto attendant, callers must press the number that corresponds with their choice. The caller has reached an auto attendant offering three different choices: Sales, Accounting, and Support. The caller hears these options in the form of pre-recorded messages. Each option will connect the caller to an agent group, and the caller will be placed inside a queue until an agent becomes available.


Agent groups are often found in offices that handle high-volume customer calls from callers who do not need to speak with a specific person but who require assistance from any of multiple persons, like sales representatives and airline reservations attendants. Agent groups have a wide range of features.

Setting up an Auto Attendant

Once you've created an agent group account, use the following information to configure your settings:

Agents must log into the queue to begin receiving calls. When agents have finished for the day or would like to stop receiving calls from the queue, they must log out of the queue.