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The snom ONE system has multi-tenant capability (available in snom ONE blue only). To implement this functionality, snom ONE uses domains. A domain can be thought of as a logical group of users and is very similar to email domains. Users within the same domain on snom ONE can call each other without going through a trunk. They can also access the same address book and share features, such as call monitoring and call park/pickup.

A snom ONE domain name should be fully qualified and configured in the DNS server so that traffic can be routed to the proper IP address of the PBX. If this is not possible, then you can set the outbound proxy field in the system. This will configure the registrar to the domain name. If you have only one domain on the system, be sure to leave the alias local host as the domain name or as the alias to it. This will enable snom ONE to locate extensions without looking at the domain name.


The settings that can be configured on the domain are detailed below:

Entire domains can be exported for use for other domains using a .tar file.