Hunt Group Accounts

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A hunt group is a set of extension numbers that are embedded inside a single virtual extension. Incoming calls are rotated through the pool of extensions until someone answers and the caller is connected. (Cell phones can also be configured to be included in calls made to a hunt group.)


The extension numbers that are part of a hunt group can be arranged into groups known as stages. Each stage is configured to ring for a specified period before the system begins ringing the next stage. A last-resort or final stage number (often an auto attendant or a cell phone) can also be used when none of the extensions pick up the call. A common use case for the hunt group is to use the hunt group as the main number for incoming calls, then put the receptionist, secretaries, and assistants on the different stages (see also Hunt Group Features).

Setting up a Hunt Group

Once you've created a hunt group, use the following information to configure your settings.