Installation Guide for snom ONE plus

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Step 1. Verify Contents. The snom ONE plus includes:

  • snom ONE plus unit
  • Sangoma kit (includes cards and cables depending on your order)
  • Power supply kit

Step 2. Decide Install Location. The device is ready to be installed on a rack. Decide where you want to place the device. Make sure the selected location is:

  • Dry and of low humidity.
  • Not in direct sunlight.
  • Not near a heater or heating vent.

Step 3. Configure the PSTN Cards. Instructions are located here.

Step 4. Configure the Device

  1. Insert the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet LAN port of the snom ONE plus (shown below), and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a router or a modem.
  2. Insert the PSTN cables into the Sangoma card ports.
  3. Insert the power adapter into the unit, and connect it to an electrical outlet.
  4. Confirm that the green LED at the bottom left of the front of the device is lit and is solid. This indicates that the snom ONE plus is powered on.
  5. Confirm that the ports where the cables have been inserted are lit. This indicates that a connection is present at both ends of the cable.

Step 5. Log in to the snom ONE plus. Instructions are located here.

Step 6. Access the snom ONE plus Help Files. The snom ONE plus has a built-in Help system that shows you how to configure the system, hardware, servers, and Sangoma cards. To access the Help system, click Help at the top right of the interface once you have logged in.

Here is how the help page will look like: