Installing Sangoma Card(s) in snom ONE plus

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The Sangoma cards that are shipped with your snom ONE plus unit depend on the type of connectivity you purchased with the snom ONE software. The variations include:

Getting Started

Important: Static electricity can damage your Sangoma cards and your system. To avoid damage, keep the cards in their static-protective bags until you are ready to install them. Additional precautions are noted below:

  • Before removing a card from its antistatic bag, touch it to an unpainted metal part of the system unit for at least 2 seconds. (This removes static electricity from the package and from your body.
  • Limit your movement. Movement can cause static electricity to build up around you.
  • Handle the device carefully, holding it by its edges or frame.
  • Do not leave the device where others can handle and possibly damage the device.
  • Once you remove the device from its package, install it directly into your snom ONE plus without putting it down. If you need to put the device down, place it onto its static-protective bag. Do not place the device onto the cover of the snom ONE plus or onto a metal table.
  • Take extra caution when handling devices during cold weather, as heating reduces indoor humidity and increases static electricity.

Removing Server Housing

Note: To prevent stripping the screws when removing them from the snom ONE plus, use a manual screwdriver rather than a power drill.

  1. Remove the two screws from each side of the server housing.
  2. Remove the three smaller screws from the top of the server housing.
  3. Lift off the server housing.

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