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Advanced IP phone systems allow even small offices to have a fully functioning paging system without using a standalone system. Users can page other users by dialing the paging account and speaking into the phone. Recipients will hear the message from the speaker on their phones.

Paging can be thought of as a one-way audio session, as opposed to intercom, which features two-way audio for one-to-one communication. Paging allows a single extension to communicate with a few people (unicast paging) or a potentially large group of people (multicast paging). The following diagram shows the paging process for both unicast and multicast configurations:

Several paging groups can be configured on the system so that different audiences can be addressed.

Two types of paging accounts can be configured on the system:

Using the Paging Account from a Phone

Using the paging account is pretty straightforward.

  • If you are in live playback mode, dial the paging account number and start speaking. When you hangup, the paging stops. If there was a maximum paging duration setup, the system will cut off the paging at that time.
  • If you are in recorded playback mode, dial the paging account number and start speaking after the beep. If you want to re-record the message, press '*' during the recording (requires version 5 or higher). After you hangup, the message is scheduled for playback and will be played back as soon as possible.

Setting up the Paging Account

Once you've created a paging account, use the following information to configure your settings.