Restoring System Image

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Important note: If you restore the system image, all your settings and configurations will be ERASED! After the restore you must re-configure your snom ONE plus box.

These instructions show you how to restore the image for the snom ONE plus appliance. These instructions should be used in the event of any of the following:

  • The snom ONE plus box becomes unreachable
  • You forget the root password
  • The snom ONE plus is exhibiting peculiar behavior
  • You are instructed to so do by snom support

The snom ONE plus image includes the following three components:

  • snom ONE software
  • Linux Kernal
  • Drivers for the Sangoma cards and Net Border Express software

Uploading Image onto USB

These instructions show you how to create a live USB drive for the snom ONE plus image using Tuxboot.

  1. Download the snom ONE plus image by clicking here The download will require a minimum of 30 minutes.

  1. Insert an 4GB USB flash drive into a USB port on your PC.
  2. Begin downloading Tuxboot by clicking here tuxboot
  3. Click Files on SourceForge.
  4. Download the latest version as shown below.
    Download tb.png
  5. Click Save File.
    TB Save.png
  6. Double-click the .exe, then click Run.
    TB exe.png
  7. Navigate to the file location. (If you don't know the file location, right-click the download and select Open Containing Folder).
  8. Enable Show all Drives and select the USB drive where the image will be saved. Make sure you choose the correct USB, as the USB will be erased during this process.
    TB navigate.png.
  9. Click OK. Wait for Tuxboot to extract the files and build the USB.
    TB extracting.png.
  10. Once the process is complete, click Exit.
    TB exit.png.

Burning the Image onto the snom ONE plus

Note: Before performing this procedure, ensure that the snom ONE plus is powered off.

  1. Once you have successfully written the image onto a USB stick, remove the USB stick from your PC and plug it into a powered off snom ONE plus appliance.
  2. When you see the Clonezilla boot screen, press Enter on your keyboard (the snom ONE plus Recovery option should be highlighted).
  3. To confirm that you would like to update the image, enter a y on your keyboard.
    Image yesno1.png
  4. To again confirm that you would like to continue, enter a y on your keyboard.
    Clone yesno-2.png
    Clonezilla begins to install the image.