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The snomONE UCClient is a soft phone for Microsoft Windows that provides you with a IP phone along with a receptionist functionality for viewing the status of your collegues. The UCClient also allows users to listen to their voice messages directly on the PC in addition to other Unified communication features such as instant messaging (IM) and call history maintenance.




  • Run the download "setup.exe"


  • Install the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries included in the setup package


Launching the snom ONE UCClient

  • From the Windows start button click on "All Programs" and navigate to "Vodia Networks Inc."
  • Click on UCClient to launch the application
  • Enter your name and email address to register the product and subscribe to the newsletter. Press Submit to continue


  • Click Accept to acknowledge the license agreement


Account Setup

  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the UCClient to bring up the settings window
  • Enter your account information as provided by your administrator
  • Click Save to apply settings

Note: The Server field can be your snom ONE PBX hostname or IP Address Note: The Password field corresponds to the web password of your snom ONE user account


Using the UCClient

  • On entering the correct credentials for your account, the UCClient indicates a successful registration with your snom ONE by a green icon labeled with "Registered" at the bottom left corner
  • The "All Contact" drop-down populates with all the accounts setup on you snom ONE system


Placing Calls

  • To place a call to an outside number, simply enter the number in the "Enter Number" field and press the green dial button
  • To place a call to another extension on the snom ONE, simply right click on the contact and click the Call option



  • To listen to voice messages, expand the "Messages" drop-down
  • Click on the Play icon to listen to the voice message


Call History

  • You can view your call history (Missed, Received and Dialed calls) by expanding the Call History drop down
  • Use the Call icon next to the entry to place a call to the other party from the UCClient


Instant Messaging

  • To send an Instant message to another extension, simply double click on the extension or select the Instant Message option from the right click menu:


  • Enter the message in the IM window and press Enter or Send to send the message


Presence States

The following presence states are available:

Ucclients1.png Available/Online: This contact is registered and should be able to receive calls.

Ucclients2.png Offline: This contact has no active registration.

Ucclients3.png Busy/Calling: This contact is on the phone or otherwise busy.

Ucclients4.png Do-not-disturb. This contact indicates that he or she is busy and does not want to be disturbed.

Ucclients5.png Away: This contact is away.

Ucclients6.png Holding: The contact is holding a call.

Ucclients7.png Inactive: This contact did not show any activity in the past time.

Ucclients8.png Unknown: The presence state of the contact is unknown.