Using CSV Files

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CSV (comma-separated values) files can expedite the creation of all types of accounts, as well as the domain address book. A CSV file is a plain text file that stores tabular data from database-style tools, such as Excel. Records appear on separate lines, and the fields within each record are traditionally separated by commas (snom ONE uses semicolons). Once the CSV file has been created, it must be uploaded through the Import CSV account type from the Accounts tab, as shown below:

To import csv click on all and the create

Csv accounts2008.png

CSV files can be created from many document types, including Excel and Word. CSV files can also be created from scratch (i.e., entering the data directly into Notepad or into the CSV field).

The first step in any conversion process is knowing the file requirements and determining the parameters you need for a particular account. The following links provide the parameters for each account type: